It’s gonna get weird


Roberto Donati - “Cannibal Ferox”


As I slowly program a 24-hour horror marathon for the blog in October, I’ll be posting trailers for some of the films. This one I just thought I’d throw up right away in full. “The Gas Station” is the first story in John Carpenter’s doomed Showtime horror anthology pilot Body Bags from 1993. It’s one of my favorite movies and an underrated masterpiece in his cannon. It perfectly captures the creeping paranoid feeling of working alone in a gas station at night as a barrage of weirdos, drunks and creeps assail you with unusual requests. Also, there’s a killer on the loose just to ratchet the tension up a few notches. The other two sections of Body Bags are plenty fun and great, but “The Gas Station” stands out as a real gem of a late-era Carpenter thrill-rider.